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Special National Swachhta Campaign on "Waste to Wealth"   (12 October, 2021)

As per directives of the Council Special National Swachhta Campaign on ‘Waste to Wealth’ was organized by Directorate on 12 Oct, 2021 at the Directorate as well as in Paudi village adopted under Scheduled Caste Sub Plan. At the Directorate’s campus, an awareness programme on vermicomposting was organized for all staff members, farmers and farm labourers of the Directorate. In this programme, participants were informed about the objective of the programme; preparation of vermicompost from weeds, farm and kitchen wastes etc. and role of vermicomposting in managing waste and its use in improving the soil health.

Off campus activity under the theme was organized at Paudi village adopted under Scheduled Caste Sub Plan. It was attended by Directorate’s staff, farming community, members of the civil society, other dignitariesand school children. Following the theme of the programme ‘Waste to Wealth’, technical knowledge was provided to the farmers about the proper use of agriculture waste like weeds, crop stubbles, kitchen waste etc. Waste management techniques such as vermicomposting, NADEP and conservation agriculture were discussed during the programme. In his remarks, Dr.JS Mishra, Director, ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research informed the farmers about increasing useof chemical fertilizers and pesticides by the farmers to get increased yield of the crops, however, excessive use of these are harmful to the soil as well as to the environment.

Dr. Mishra emphasized more on waste management by making vermicomposting, composting and their use in soil for improving the soil health and beneficial microbes in the soil. He also talked about the importance of Organic farming and its advantages in future agriculture. Dr. P.K. Singh, Principal Scientist discussed many techniques of waste management developed by the ICAR institutes and their usefulness for the farmers in coming future. Dr. Sushil Kumar, Principal Scientist made the farmers aware of the vermicomposting technique, composting through NADEP and use of weeds and other waste for composting. Dr. R.P. Dubey, Principal Scientist and Dr. V. K. Choudhary, Sr. Scientist provided the solution to the problems related to pest and also gave information about Organic Agriculture. This programme was organized by the Nodal Officer Dr. Yogita Gharde, Scientist in the adopted village under SCSP scheme. Programme was attended by 217 participants includingmen and women farmers, Directorate’s staff, members of the civil society, other dignitariesand school children.

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