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ICAR-DWR, Organized Training Cum Exposure Visits of Farmers Under Kisan Biotech Project   (23 March, 2021)

The ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur organized training cum exposure visit to the total 45 farmers from Nipaniya Sikka, Bicholi, Kundikal, Kheri, Mandli, Sevania villages, Ichhavar block, Sehore district (M.P.) at the Directorate on 23rd March, 2021. Dr. J.S. Mishra, Director, ICAR-DWR, Jabalpur inaugurated the programme and addressed the trainees on various issues such as, importance of weed management, disease and pest management, manure and fertilizer application, IWM, herbicide application techniques, availability of different herbicides in the market, direct and indirect losses due to weeds etc. He also gave the information on doubling the farmer’s income through fish farming, growing vegetables, horticultural crops, milk production etc. He concluded with effective weed management is a key to achieve qualitative as well as quantitative crop produce.

Dr. P.K. Singh, PI (Biotech Kisan Hub) & Principal Scientist, ICAR-DWR briefed and given details on ongoing activities under the project. He educated the farmers on problem caused by weeds and difficulty in controlling them, effective management of weeds through different approaches, effective management of different inputs and resources like seed, fertilizer, irrigation, labours etc. A one to one interaction with the farmers was done to understand the problems faced by the farmers. Later, farmers were briefed and solution was provided according to their problems. Dr. P.K. Singh was also briefed the farmers on crop cultivation other than wheat crop to achieve higher profit, different methods to manage the crop residue and weeds, benefits of conservation agriculture and doubling the farmers income through integrated farming. Dr. K.K. Barman, Co-PI (Biotech Kisan Hub) & Principal Scientist, ICAR-DWR briefed the farmers on importance of soil health management and improving the soil health through accurate nutrient management with organic manure and vermi-compost. He has given the information on problem arises because of residue burning, excessive tillage etc. He trained the farmers on soil sample collection from the fields.

Dr. V.K. Choudhary, Co-PI (Biotech Kisan Hub) & Senior Scientist, ICAR-DWR briefed the farmers on research demonstration work conducted by the Directorate. He also briefed the farmers on seed production technologies. He urged the farmers to do cooperative farming to achieve higher profit. He gave detailed information on effective weed management techniques, crop production technologies, pest management etc. He aware them to control the crop yield loss occurs due to disease and pest attack. Er. Chethan, C.R., Co-PI (Biotech Kisan Hub) & Scientist, ICAR-DWR briefed the farmers about different weeders, different types of sprayers available in the market and effective herbicide application techniques, effective management of crop residue in fields through different machineries, benefits conservation agriculture and zero tillage, and sowing of crop under residue condition. He trained the farmers on different weeder operation and effective application of herbicide for uniform application and to avoid drift losses. He also briefed the farmers about different machineries available at the Directorate and also on safety aspect while spraying pesticides. Under this training programme, Sh. S.K. Parey, Sh. Dharmendra Baghele and Sh. Jainpal Rathore were also involved to conduct field and Agricultural Engineering Unit visit.

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