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XXVI Annual review meeting of AICRP on Weed Management organized at AAU, Jorhat   (15-16 October, 2019)

The XXVI Annual Review Meeting of All India Coordinated Research Project on Weed Management was organized at Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat during 15-16 October, 2019. Inaugural session was chaired by Dr. P.K. Singh, Director, ICAR-DWR, Jabalpur and graced by the presence of Dr. J.K. Deka, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, AAU, Jorhat, Dr. M. Saikia, Director Research, AAU, Jorhat; Dr. Shobha Sondhia, I/C AICRP-WM, ICAR-DWR, Jabalpur; Dr. I.C. Barua Principal Investigator, AICRP-WM, AAU, Jorhat centre. Dr. S.S. Kohle, Former Director, Instructions IGKV, Raipur and Dr. V.P. Singh, Principal Scientist & HOD, Crop production IISR, Lucknow were invited as resource persons for this meeting. Scientists of 17 regular AICRP-WM coordinating centres and two volunteer centres attended the meeting. Dr. P.K. Singh., Director, ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur welcomed the Chief Guest and participants during inaugural function. In his welcome address Dr. Singh highlighted the role of AICRP-WM in crop and cropping system. He also highlighted losses caused by the weeds to the tune of 10 million dollar annually. Dr Deka highlighted weed flora shift at farmer fields. He said that climate change and raise in temperature, erratic rains aggravated weeds problem. For the control of alien invasive weeds, biosafety and bio-security law should be enforced in the country.

Dr Sushilkumar, Principal Scientist (Entomology) presented Salient research achievements of ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur. Salient research achievements of AICRP-Weed Management during 2018-19 and Action taken report of last ARM was presented by Dr. Shobha Sondhia, In-charge, AICRP-WM, ICAR-DWR, Jabalpur. In the inauguration ceremony, following publications were released: “AICRP-Weed Management Annual Report 2018-19” by ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur Bulletin “Weed Control Recommendations for Crop Production in Assam Agriculture University” by AICRP-WM AAU, Jorhat centre Bulletin “Success Story on Biological Control of water hyacinth by Neochetina spp. by AICRP-WM RVSKVV, Gwalior centre Extension folder “Scientific technique for Sweetcorn Production” in Hindi language by AICRP-WM RVSKVV, Gwalior centre Video CD “Biological Control of water hyacinth by Neochetina spp. by AICRP-WM RVSKVV, Gwalior centre Extension Bulletin “Faslon ke mukhya kharpatwaar aur unki roktham” in Hindi language by AICRP-WM CCSHAU, Hisar centre Leaflets in Hindi for control of weeds in different crops, viz. wheat, pulses and oilseeds, mustard, vegetables, cotton, sugarcane by AICRP-WM CCSHAU, Hisar centre Leaflets on “Parthenium: National weed its effect and integrated weed management, Ambrosia psilostachya: An invasive weed, Weed management of invasive weeds in field crops and Wealth of weeds” in Kannad language by AICRP-WM UAS, Bengaluru centre

Progress and research achievements under this project in all regular 17 and three volunteer centres were presented by the Principal Investigators. AICRP-WM Best Centre Award-2018-19 was given to AICRP-WM, CCSHAU, Hisar centre. A farmer interface was also organized and the farmers from nearby area of Jorhat district were actively participated. Information on weed management in rice, vegetables and safe use of herbicides were given to the farmers. Plenary session was graced by Dr A.K. Pathak, Retd. Director of Research, AAU, Jorhat and Dr M Saikia, Director Research, AAU, Jorhat. Dr P.K Singh,Director ICAR-DWR presented an overview of activities of two dates. Dr.Singh briefed about salient findings and weed management outcomes emerged out by this project. He further said that all the scientists of weed management team are working with their expertise to increase the income of farmer. Meeting was ended with proposal of vote of thanks by Dr Shobha Sondhia, In-charge, AICRP-Weed Management.

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